The Vârtop resort is a mountain tourist area with ski slopes, located in the Apuseni mountains. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania, attracting more and more tourists each year due to the presence of ski slopes and also because of the diversity of attractions in the area.

The resort is located on the border between two counties: Bihor and Alba. The resort has three slopes at its disposal. The Vârciorog waterfall is a spectacular waterfall over 15 meters high, located in a conifer forest at the foot of Piatra Graitoare Peak. It is located in Arieseni, near the village of Vamvucesti, 5 kilometers from the center of the commune. The waterfall and buffer zone around it constitute a landscape reservation protected by law. Groapa Ruginoasă, Valea Seacă Canyon is part of Apuseni Natural Park and represents a valley formed by stream erosion (ravine), which determined the appearance of quartzite layers (red-violet in color), giving this area (from a landscape view) a special aspect. It is a natural reserve with an area of 20.40 hectares and overlapping area of special avifaunistic protection