A Place to Relax, Refresh, and Rejuvenate

The Baile Felix resort is located in the northwestern part of Romania, in Bihor county, at a distance of about 9 KM from Oradea.

Located in the Crisurile plain at an altitude of 150 m, the resort has a moderate continental climate with mild winters and temperate summers with Mediterranean influence, ideal for spa tourism.

Available to tourists all year round, the Baile Felix balneo-climatic resort offers conditions for relaxation, vacation, rest, and recovery.

The temperature of the thermal waters is between 20 and 49 degrees.

Baile Felix has a rich treatment base that includes: installations for baths in the bathtub; installations for warm applications with mud and paraffin; pools with thermal water; installations for elongations under water; installations for electro and hydrotherapy; sauna; covered swimming pools and outdoors; medical gymnasiums.

The climate, with mild winters and moderate summers, favors the existence of an extensive deciduous forest, which gives the resort an ideal atmosphere for any season, making it suitable for relaxation and treatment throughout the year.


The thermal springs of Băile Felix have been a popular destination for centuries. Some historians believe that the springs were discovered as early as the year 1000, but others claim that they were discovered only in the 1700s.

In any case, there is evidence of baths being used for treatment since at least the year 1000, when they were discovered by the monk Felix, the parish priest of the Monastery of Sânmartin.

In another view, the oldest testimony of the Felix Baths can be found in a Vatican Diploma from 1594. Here it was mentioned that the existence of thermal waters near the Citadel of Oradea was known as “Oradea Baths” (Termae Varadienses). Another version says that only in 1700 Felix Heldres discovered the thermal spring.

Between 1711-1721, settlements appeared organized for treatment under the name “Felix’s bath”, and from 1885 a new spring was captured with a temperature of 49 degrees Celsius. In 1731, an analysis was made of thermal waters and their curative properties as they are known today. The “thermal water lily” or “lotus flower” became a symbol of Băile Felix in 1789 when it was discovered by