Mother bear and cub caught on camera in Romanian natural park

Who doesn’t love a good bear story?

Well, we’ve got one for you.

Last weeks, Romsilva, Romania’s forest management company, shared a video on Facebook of a mother bear and her cub—and we’re not kidding when we say it’s the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.

The video shows the two bears drinking water from a puddle in a forest in the Apuseni Natural Park. In case you’re wondering what they’re doing—it’s a little weird! But it’s all part of the process of getting ready for hibernation.

Mother bears are affectionate and protective of their cubs and, at the same time, devoted, strict, and sensitive,” Romsilva said in the message accompanying the video. “They help their young learn how to survive by teaching them how to find food and shelter.”

Estimations say that Romania’s forests are home to the largest population of bears in the European Union (and probably anywhere else). So if you’re ever looking for some great hiking spots—or just want something to watch on your phone while hanging out on your couch


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