Check Out The New Campaign Reclaiming Romanian Folk Style: Bihor, Not Dior

When French fashion house Dior included a Romanian-inspired jacket in its 2017 collection, it hit the shelves with a price tag topping 30,000 euro. In Romania’s rural Bihor region, the jacket is less of a seasonal statement piece, and more of a treasured part of their national costume.

While Dior was raking in the cash, traditional craftsman were seeing their work slowly dying out.

But now, things are changing for the better! A new label backed by Romanian fashion magazine Beau Monde is helping authentic designers sell their work—including handmade shirts, jackets and necklaces—to a wider audience. Painstakingly detailed and often time-consuming, most of these pieces are only available on pre-order. To check out the collection all you have to do is visit the Bihor Couture website here!

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